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How Do the Chemical Peels Work

Wednesday, 11 June, 2014 Guest Chemical Peel 12 Comments
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Nobody wants wrinkles on the face, no matter how old you are, you never want to have a face full with wrinkles. At the same time, many other skin problems can keep bothering us.  Some skin problems can be controlled up to some extent.  When the skin problems are due to over exposure to the sun or acne, or due to such other reasons, we can control them.  However, when ageing is the reason behind our skin problems, we find ourselves facing with many difficult tasks when it comes to control the problems.  We cannot stop the ageing process but we can do something to reduce the ageing symptoms.  Many skin problems including wrinkles can be taken care of with various cosmetic approaches.  When other means fail, we find the chemical peels a better solution to deal with many kinds of skin problems.

In the process of chemical peels, certain acid solutions are used.  These acids are applied to the target area to get the desired results.  As a results, the skin will become smooth, dead cells will be removed, and the damaged layer will be replaced by a new and fresh layer.  Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck and hands.  Chemical peels are the third most popular cosmetic procedure.  Chemical peeling lets you effectively deal with freckles, wrinkles, acne scarring, and sun damage patches, etc.  It is commonly known as anti ageing treatment.  Let us have a brief look on the way chemical peel works.

The basic work of chemical peel is to slough off dead skin cells and peel the damaged skin layers.  When the damaged layer is removed, new and fresh skin layer takes over.  Chemical peels are known to work well on people with fair skin, especially the deep chemical peel is not recommended for darker skins since this can actually bleach the skin permanently.  Lighter and medium chemical peels may work for even darker skin but fair skins respond much better.

Chemical peels are of three types, which are categorized according to their mode of action.  They are superficial or light peel, medium peel, and deep peel.   Superficial or light chemical peels are performed with very mild type of chemicals that are applied directly to the face using gauze or brush.  The chemical is then removed after few minutes.  Mild chemical peels are not painful and do not need longer healing time. You can perform it every few weeks if required.

Medium chemical peels are for relatively deeper penetration.  The chemical is left on the face longer than the superficial peel.  You will have little discomfort during the application. Recovery is also late and you cannot perform it as often as you do a mild chemical peel.

Deep chemical peel is something that requires anesthesia and pain reliever for the application since this method is not only painful and takes longer to heal its side effects can also be serious.  It is very effective to treat many skin problems but due to its potential health risks or side effects, it is not usually advised, or done only under strict professional supervision.  

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