Blemish Removal

Non-Surgical Blemish Removal

Non - Surgical Blemish Removal uses a short wave diathermy electrical current. It is a very safe, effective, and quick procedure with a localised effect achieved in the target tissue. This method of treatment can remove the following:

Red Veins ( Telangiectasia )

Cause - poor care of skin, prolonged exposure to harsh enviroment and change in hormones.

Spider Naevi

Cause - same as Telangiectasia, or if they occur singly on the face then may be a result of trauma such as picking spots, scratching skin or glasses on the bridge of the nose.

Skin tags

Cause - Genetic predisposition, age, friction e.g bra straps, collar line and underarms.

Blood spots / Campbell De Morgan Spots

Cause - overgrowth of blood vessels, mostly around trunk but can appear any part of the body, they can be Red, Blue, purple or almost black.


Cause - associated with dry area of skin, normal secretions are not able to find there way onto the skins surface. Poor product use if present on skins that are not dry.

Seborrheic Warts or keratosis - (pigmented growths on the skin)

Cause - age, build up of hardened cells.
Very dark seborrhoeic will need GP approval prior to removal.

Consultation needed to determine cost of individual treatments 15 mins treatment - £40
What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a safe and effective skin-resurfacing and regenerative procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to skin to peel away the top layers.

  • Performed by fully qualified skin care professionals.
  • Short healing time.
  • No post UV sensitivity.
  • Cheaper than other techniques.
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